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Chicago's Only Partnership Minyan

Welcome to Kol Sasson - Chicago's Only Partnership Minyan

Kol Sasson Congregation is an inclusive, observant community in Skokie, Illinois that strives to transform Jewish lives through critical inquiry within the traditional framework of Halakha.

At Kol Sasson, you will find a warm and inviting community, family-friendly programming, youth groups and teen engagement. Our community fosters an atmosphere of intellectual inquiry and an inclusive and song-filled davening experience in a halachic framework.

We meet every Shabbat morning and holiday in Israel Hall in the basement of Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob Synagogue at 8825 East Prairie Road in Skokie.


This Shavuot, as we did 5 years ago, join Kol Sasson for TEDTorah. Add your voice to 3300 years of unbroken Jewish narrative. Our goal is to learn from each other and grow closer as a community as we showcase the different voices of our community. What about your Jewish experience, practice, or belief will challenge, educate, inspire, or uplift others? Please share with us! Sign up here

In order that we can hear from a large number of participants, TED talks must be limited to just 5 minutes. The topics for talks or presentations are limitless! Think about something you’ve learned or experienced that inspires you. Be creative! 

Is there:

  • a prayer that has caught your eye? 
  • a niggun that has haunted you?
  • a film that has shaped your Jewish outlook?
  • a recipe you’ve made that has changed you?
  • a line in a parsha that you can’t stop thinking about?
  • A lesson from a class you’ve taken that has stayed with you? 
  • a moment with someone that has changed your perspective?

Don’t keep these to yourself! Share your Jewish voice with our community.

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare:

  • Once you decide on your subject, write out your presentation.
  • Put your writing aside for a few days. When you approach your writing with fresh eyes a few days later, editing will come much easier.
  • Practice your presentation several times. Time yourself. 5 minutes is short!
  • Now that you’ve practiced and timed yourself, decide whether you’d be most comfortable bringing your fully written presentation or whether you prefer to just bring notes. 
  • Practice a few more times before our Shavuot TEDTorah evening on JUNE 11.
  • Relax. Enjoy sharing with and learning from others in our community!
Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784