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Kol Sasson Congregation is an inclusive, observant community in Skokie, Illinois
that strives to transform Jewish lives through critical inquiry
within the traditional framework of Halakha.

Recent Updates

Please join Kol Sasson for Shabbat davening, 9:15a in Israel Hall at 8825 East Prairie. In order to reduce the length of davening, we will begin with Nishmat, so please be sure to come on time so we can start (and finish) promptly. 

Masks are, of course, required at all times, and we are very fortunate that our space is large enough to permit appropriate social distancing. Please refamiliarize yourselves with our COVID-19 protocols and the health self-assessment, both of which are located here.

1    Exodus 30:11 - 31:17    Arthur Rosenson
2    Exodus 31:18 - 33:11    Avi Janssen
3    Exodus 33:12 - 33:16    Rachel Adler
4    Exodus 33:17 - 33:23    Josh Sherman
5    Exodus 34:1 - 34:9    Gabriel Klein
6    Exodus 34:10 - 34:26    Stu Jacobs
7    Exodus 34:27 - 34:35    Charles Cohen
Maftir    Numbers 19:1 - 19:22 | Shabbat Parah    Michael Stern
Haftara    Ezekiel 36:16 - 36:38 | Shabbat Parah    Charles Cohen

Candle lighting: Friday, Mar 5, 5:26p

Havdalah: Motzei Shabbat, Mar 6, 6:29p

Kol Sasson and SVAJ are jointly hosting a virtual blood drive after having to cancel our in-person drives due to COVID-19. Please sign up to donate blood as part of our virtual blood drive; you’ll get an email invitation to find a convenient donation site and pick your appointment! Many thanks to Mike Koplow for coordinating this important drive in support of the community.

Sat, March 6 2021 22 Adar 5781