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Kol Sasson Congregation is an inclusive, observant community in Skokie, Illinois
that strives to transform Jewish lives through critical inquiry
within the traditional framework of Halakha.

Recent Updates

Please join Kol Sasson for Shabbat davening, 9:15am in Israel Hall at 8825 East Prairie. Please be sure to come on time so that we can start (and finish) davening promptly.

Groups will be meeting this week! We are now meeting outdoors in the tent on Shabbat, from 9:30am - end of davening. Children will be able to enjoy games, playing in the shul park across the street, snacks and friends. Masking is recommended but not required for unvaccinated children while they are participating in outdoor activities that allow for social distancing. When they are sitting closely together, masks will be required. Please send your child with a mask to groups. If you have not previously registered for groups, please do so here

Kiddush this week will be 

Dvar Torah: Mike Koplow
Psukei: Debri Klein
Shacharit: Michael Stern
Torah Service: 
Musaf: Stu Jacobs

1    Genesis 18:1 - 18:14    Arthur Rosenson
2    Genesis 18:15 - 18:33    Michael Stern
3    Genesis 19:1 - 19:20    Stu Jacobs
4    Genesis 19:21 - 21:4    Avi Janssen
5    Genesis 21:5 - 21:21    Charles Cohen
6    Genesis 21:22 - 21:34    Will Adler
7    Genesis 22:1 - 22:24    Will Adler
Maftir    Genesis 22:20 - 22:24    Will Adler
Haftara    II Kings 4:1 - 4:37    Rachel Novick

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782