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Kol Sasson Congregation is an inclusive, observant community in Skokie, Illinois
that strives to transform Jewish lives through critical inquiry
within the traditional framework of Halakha.


We are a a partnership minyan. At Kol Sasson, women lead kabbalat  habbat, pesukei dezimrah, the Torah service, and fully participate in the Torah reading. This is done in the context of a traditional minyan with ten men and a mechitza. See our "Hashkafa" page for a detailed discussion of the halakhot surrounding women’s participation in Torah reading and in leading some parts of the service.

If you have any questions about participation, please contact our VP Ritual or our gabbaim. Some Kol Sasson members like to have the names of loved ones read by the gabbai when we say misheberach l’cholim. In order to help us maintain the list, we ask that you submit any names via this form.

Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783