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Kol Sasson Congregation is an inclusive, observant community in Skokie, Illinois
that strives to transform Jewish lives through critical inquiry
within the traditional framework of Halakha.

About Our Minyan

We are a a partnership minyan. At Kol Sasson, women lead kabbalat shabbat, pesukei dezimrah, the Torah service, and fully participate in the Torah reading. This is done in the context of a traditional minyan with ten men and a mechitza. See our "Hashkafa" page for a detailed discussion of the halakhot surrounding women’s participation in Torah reading and in leading some parts of the service.

What began as a small group of a handful of families meeting on Friday nights has now grown to become an influential part of the greater Chicago Jewish community. We are a community focused on the critical inquiry of halakha, as well as a feminist spirited group of individuals. We have nearly 80 member units, and we enjoy continued, meaningful growth. We are an entirely lay-led and volunteer based community. While we are gratified by our emergence, we are proudest that each individual member of our diverse community is welcomed, respected, and challenged.

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782